About Us

“The era of cloud based computing is nearly upon us, we can help you adapt today to compete in tomorrow’s hyper-competitive markets”

Our North Sydney based team has more than 20 years combined experience working in sales and marketing and we’ve earned our stripes serving customers in a range of highly competitive markets and understand the importance of I.T solutions within every business. Priding ourselves on customer centricity we are able to take the complexity out of I.T, providing consultation, coaching and implementation services in an understandable fashion.

We stand apart due to our proactive approach to business and our ability to understand specific needs and install customised solutions without confusing our clients. Although officially external I.T specialists, we prefer to think of ourselves as your partner, ensuring positive outcomes in all elements of customer interaction.

TePro act as resellers with a comprehensive suite of award-winning online; business, productivity & collaboration applications. Customers use TePro applications to run their business processes, manage their information and be more productive while at the office or on the go, saving time without having to worry about expensive or out-dated hardware or software.

Let us to take the stress out for you, allowing an increase in productivity, shortening of your sales cycle and an increase in profit. Contact us today for a free consultation.