“You know using Zoho CRM is the key to enabling your business success, but how do you enable your staff to maximise the value from the implemented solution? Our range of webinars, video tutorials and onsite workshops, educate beginners and also provide skill refinement for those who have been using Zoho CRM for a while.”

Tepro offer a variety of training tools and techniques in order to; lay the foundation, encourage staff communication and aid all employees to realise the value of using the CRM.  Unfortunately Tepro have found that many companies neglect employee training when rolling-out CRM systems, creating long term issues resulting in project failure.

We have years of experience in using Zoho products, enabling us to train staff of all positions and with any level of IT knowledge.

Through the use of Change Management Techniques and Project Management Techniques our courses ensure that your corporate culture is ready for a technology upgrade by breaking the software down to its core, allowing for clean data integration and company wide commitment to growth.

So don’t let your CRM run you, learn how to run it by contacting us today with your training requirement needs.