Zoho CRM

“Management at Tepro spent many years leading Sales and Marketing teams, and managing customer relationships. We understand the need for a great customer management system and as a result of experimentation believe that Zoho CRM offers the best-in-class blend of functionality, customisation, scalability and value for money.”

Zoho CRM enables…

  • Growth with you in number of users or number of records (not something you will need to replace)
  • Customisation to support your company’s needs
  • Record Keeping of all of your interactions with your contacts,
  • Organisation for your team to schedule their client activities
  • Tracking your team’s sales progress through the pipeline
  • Integration of your company’s marketing efforts
  • Ease of building dashboards and reports
  • Simple yet effective user experiences
  • Streamlining of all sales and marketing tasks
  • Accessibility by all staff, anywhere and anytime
  • Return on Investment tenfold if used effectively

We will work alongside you to create, explain and deploy a Zoho CRM solution optimised for your specific needs. Providing training and support services to ensure that your entire team is proficient and empowered, we will be available 24/7 until you are completely satisfied and familiar with the software. As appropriate we can tailor Zoho CRM including customisations, workflow automation, project management, collaboration, social media and many other features in order to best add value to your specific business requirements.

Find out why more than 50,000 companies worldwide are using Zoho today; use the contact form to find out how you can use ZOHO CRM.